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Constructing Media Spaces
icon: authorJosephine Bosma

In her essay, «Constructing Media Spaces,» Josephine Bosma argues that forms of networked art, in particular, are progenitors of what media theorist calls «public domain 2.0,» and that the works of the artists described in her text «bring people closer to technology on many different levels. Some only create curiosity and wonder (the first level of familiarity); others clearly aim at audience participation or even education. All of these works deal with the public domain as a virtual, mediated space consisting of both material and immaterial matter.» [more]more

Text Sections
icon: heading Some thoughts on articon: heading (Re)defining the public domainicon: heading Performing physical interfaces: Face-to-face with technologyicon: heading Station Roseicon: heading Heath Bunting: Project-Xicon: heading Mongrelicon: heading Etoy: «Etoy.Daycare»icon: heading Collaboration and co-authorship: Art spaces onlineicon: heading The Thingicon: heading Public Netbase and other early European media labs and online platformsicon: heading nettimeicon: heading Rhizomeicon: heading New diversity: Sarai, Furtherfield, Netartreview, Empyreicon: heading Software: Layering media, portable media spaces and media as metaphoricon: heading Software art contexticon: heading WebStalkericon: heading RunMe.orgicon: heading Virus as intervention: Forkbombicon: heading Conceptual software: «.walk»icon: heading Public Domain 2.0 Redux