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icon: chapterEditorial
Media art can only be conveyed by multimedia
icon: authorSusanne Holschbach

The oldest in the succession of new media, photography, continues to maintain a central position—both in the field of art as well as in the sphere of mass media. This is why its technological conversion from analog to digital, which began over 20 years ago, triggered off a fierce debate amongst photography experts and media theorists. [more]more

preview image icon: chapterPhotographic/Post-Photographic
Continuities and differences between photographic and post-photographic
icon: authorSusanne Holschbach

In the debates surrounding the technological shift in photography from analog to digital, emphasis is chiefly placed on the radical difference between the chemical and the electronic process, and those artistic practices are discussed which expose this break to an exceptional degree. [more]more
icon: chapterArtistic Concept
Artistic Concepts Linked to the Transition from Analog to Digital Photography
icon: authorAnette Hüsch

Ten years ago, an exhibition with the title Fotografie nach der Fotografie (Photography After Photographs) caused a sensation. It thematicized the influences and changes photography had experienced since the spreading of digital technologies and presented a selection of artistic work that had originated from within this context. Making reference to various contemporary standpoints and individual works, the contribution deals with the question of to what extent what at the time was perceived as an enormous break in the history of images and media can today be described as a mesh of interdependencies, differences and continuities. [more]more
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preview image icon: chapterInstant Images
Instant Images
icon: authorKathrin Peters

Digital processes permit looking at and disseminating photographic images immediately after they have been recorded. This immediateness intensifies the photographic aspect, which in the history of photography is generally debased and/or attributed to the private sphere: taking pictures and taking snapshots. [more]more
icon: chapterArchive—post/photographic
icon: authorJens Schröter

The contribution deals with the connection between photography and the archive, one of the central parameters of the photographic age. [more]more
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preview image icon: chapterLecture series
Lecture series
icon: authorSusanne Holschbach

Photography is undergoing a radical change in the course of the shift from analog to digital technology. However, instead of the proclaimed ‹death of photography,› one can note how the medium is being modified and diversified. Against this background, the lecture series foto_byte provided a forum for a dialogue between the relevant artistic standpoints and academic analyses. [more]more