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Art Projects

Making Sense of it all is the URL for an Internet project by Blank & Jeron. ‹Making sense of it all› is directed at the Internet as such, which is why a .net domain was chosen. When Internet users visit the site, what they see first of all is the main window opening up, with GIF animated lettering and a little pop-up window:
The ‹screenplay› for the main window runs like this:
‹making sense of it all› (black) - fade out
fade in ‹directed by› (white) - fade out
fade in ‹your provider› [more]more

Blank & Jeron
www-project, 2000–2002



«InterMaps» is about mapping the changing interrelationships existing in collaborative networks of people. The project provides a dynamic interface to visually display these networks as they develop in time and complexity. The interface allows us to filter the data by different criteria, expressing general qualities about relationships such as closeness, affinity and frequency. [more]more

Ismael Celis
Community project



«GeneralArts» reflects language as a linguistic system. When we speak or write, the manifoldness of the world is reduced to the linearity of language. The mechanism of «GeneralArts» enhances this linearity with the semantic variety of possible other descriptions. Theses variations are displayed as animated text on the monitor. [more]more

Daniela Alina Plewe
Interactive Metabrowser


In Death's Dream Kingdom

In this online work, Iván Marino creates a hypertextual audiovisual discourse on the deconstruction of language and perception, elaborated on the basis of a complex web of videographic fragments. The work is in constant process, occurring both internally and as a form dependent upon the user. A mechanism of internal attractors keeps the access elements linked into the audio-visual work fragments in the interface; the user, as an external interactor, can reorder these elements and create a new narrative in a temporal context [more]more

Ivan Marino
Interactive Flashmovie


Cyborg Web Shop

The cyborg is, deep at the heart of the subject, a universal question that has interested humankind throughout all of history. It is one of the visions for immortal and improved life. Some people say that even if they were to give up all their body parts and just keep their mind inside a machine they would accept it for eternity. This project won't go so far, but perhaps the visitors might. [more]more

Andreja Kuluncic


Five Rooms

This experimental, Web-based application is a scientific investigation of the sub-division of a complex, dynamic design process into separate, individually controllable processes.
In five virtual rooms, the basic characteristics of an object can be influenced with the help of a system composed of attractors. Through the attribution of parameters, each attractor can be given its own type of movement, and a freely definable amount of influence on the nature of the respective object can be specified. The continuous process resulting from the interaction between the attractors produces values that serve to define one of five aspects of a generated graphic. The aspects dealt with are colour, substance, position, inclination and abstraction. [more]more

Sven Bauer
3D Environment



Argument is war. In their book «Metaphors We Live By,» George Lakoff and Mark Johnson explain how this is metaphorically true. The language we use to talk about arguments is a language of war. We attack our opponents' positions and defend our own. [more]more

Warren Sack
A Language Game