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The main navigation offers an index with alphabetically sorted lists for names, works, categories and key words.
Each text is also linked to a text-specific index of names, works and source texts which lead to the respective passage in the text of the author.


Scoll version scroll version of all authors' texts
Paged view page version of texts
Print version print version
Quote generator quote generator – this feature generates automatic quotes including the correct URL for any marked text passage
Credits credits, information about the concept of the project related publications

Navigation with two windows: all contextual information is displayed in the first window, all information related to the work selected in a second window. External links will open in a separate window again. Needs Javascript activated.

An alternative navigation using various keyboard functions is possible:
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1 = topic «Survey of Media Art»
a = advanced search
c = credits
d = German
e = English
h = help
i = index
m = sitemap
p = artistic projects
r = related cross-references
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t = overview of topics

Search: One can either search combinations of terms by using Boolean operators or by accessing the modus «advanced search.»

Streaming formats: for video most recent Quicktime [Real Player and Windows Media Player is currently not yet available]; audio with mp3.

Softlinks: following the manual of the corresponding book, this code (‹softlink›) is used for the search field to directly access all listed links in a given section of the text. 01/105 refers to the first text and chapter 5 in English.