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icon: chapterEditorial
Generative Tools
icon: authorTjark Ihmels icon: authorJulia Riedel

With the rapid spread of the computer as a tool, aspects of information technology are increasingly finding their applications in artistic processes. [more]more

preview image icon: chapterGenerative Art
The Methodology of Generative Art
icon: authorTjark Ihmels icon: authorJulia Riedel

This introductory text uses artistic standpoints from 1950s music history to show how different the aims can be, even though all the artists were using aleatory or serial methods. [more]more
icon: chapterSoftware Art
Read_me, run_me, execute_me. Code as Executable Text: Software Art and its Focus on Program Code as Performative Text
icon: authorInke Arns

The differences between, as well as the very few overlapping points within, the texts show how complex and wide-ranging this still young field of work is, and identify aspects that need to be elucidated; these emerge not least from terminological definitions and differentiations. [more]more
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preview image icon: chapterGame Art
On a Number of Aspects of Artistic Computer Games
icon: authorTilman Baumgärtel

As a complement to the more fundamental texts, Tilman Baumgärtel reflects on the possibility of modifying games , as this is now a more or less standard features computers offer, and has arrived in artists' studios as well as children's rooms through «Doom» and «Quake». [more]more
icon: chapterComputer Art
What is Computer Art? An attempt towards an answer and examples of interpretation
icon: authorMatthias Weiss

In the classical art system, no notice is usually taken of the fact the computer was and is a tool and component of art, and that it has been so for as long as the machine itself has existed. A reappraisal of this history, dealing with embedding in the art-historical context, is still desirable-Matthias Weiß asserts this in «What is Computer Art?». [more]more
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