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freely navigable, computer-driven global system, uses no abstract cartographic data, but rather real satellite images to represent the world. The user of this program can view the Earth from almost any random perspective and any desired distance. He can direct his gaze directly towards a certain point on earth and approach it with increasing detail precision. From the satellite image to the detail image of a target, the point of view of this recording device does not correspond to the human point of observation. This liberated perspective suggests instead the notion of a worldwide surveillance capability, or an almost divine overview, which transcends the natural human ability of observation and vision by using technical means. Satellite images or other systems of inscription supposedly independent of human manipulation suggest due to their primarily scientific use the representation of an objective reality.

But even those images that apparently infinitely extend our perceptive ability require our interpretation. Such an interpretation cannot be fully divorced of worldview or ideological foundations. As


observers, we are always part of the system to be studied and merely in this influence the results of the study. Our perception is thus always tied to our own (mental or physical) perspective, from which we cannot separate ourselves; artists can make the technical, aesthetic or social coding of this perspective available to experience.

Translation by Brian Currid