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Visual Summary

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Sound & Vision in Avantgarde & Mainstream
icon: authorDieter Daniels

The relationship between sound and vision in four steps: - Gesamtkunstwerk and audio-visual media technology in the 19th century, - avant-garde film and music in the 1920s, - video art and new music in the 1950s/60sVideokunst und neue Musik der 1950/60er, - techno-culture and today's media artTechnokultur und heutige Medienkunst. The three main themes: - interplay between visual and acoustic arts: composition, work concept, perceptual effects and technology, - transferring technical principles between sound and visual media , - avant-garde concepts as precursors of mainstream culture. [more]more

Text Sections
icon: heading Perception—physics—articon: heading Culture industry—media technology—avant-gardeicon: heading The pre-history of audio-visual media and arts 1870–1910icon: heading Early avant-garde and the audio-visual media in the 1920sicon: heading Electronic media art in the 1950s and 60sicon: heading Avant-garde and mainstream since the 1990s