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Sound & Vision in Avantgarde & Mainstream
icon: authorDieter Daniels

Text Summary

Pyrophon (Kastner, Frédéric)Lohengrin Präludium (Fantin-Latour, Jean Theodore), 1877Phonograph (Edison, Thomas Alva), 1877Kinetograph Theater (Edison, Thomas Alva)Lichtspiel Opus I (Ruttmann, Walter), 1921Akustische Kulisse einer Schlacht im Rundfunksaal (unbekannt), 1924Tri-Ergon Lichtton-Aufzeichnung (unbekannt), 1922Berlin. Die Sinfonie der Großstadt (Ruttmann, Walter), 1927Weekend (Ruttmann, Walter), 1930Williams Mix (Cage, John), 1952Random Access Music; Exposition of Music – Electronic Television (Paik, Nam June), 1963Random Access Music; Exposition of Music – Electronic Television (Paik, Nam June), 1963TV mit Mikro (Paik, Nam June)Kuba-TV (Paik, Nam June), 1963Video Synthesizer und ‘TV-Cello’ Collectibles (Paik, Nam June; Yalkut, Jud), 1965Vidium (Hearn, Bill), 1969United States, Part 1-4 (Anderson, Laurie), 1983Granulare Synthesen (Granular Synthesis), 1992Modell 5 (Granular Synthesis), 1994Pol (Granular Synthesis), 1998Snownoise (Nicolai, Carsten), 2001aka noto, crystals/reworked (Nicolai, Carsten), 2003242.pilots live in Bruxelles (242pilots), 2002Oval Process Public Beta (Popp, Markus), 2000Williams Mix (Cage, John), 1952nebula.m81; Autonomous (Nezvanova, Netochka), 1999