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Visual Summary

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Beyond the Archive: Bit Mapping
icon: authorWolfgang Ernst

Recently a 'spatial turn' has been announced in Cultural Studies. In digital operations, though, 'space' is nothing but a metaphor. 'Mapping' therefore should be taken in its mathematical, topological sense, in order not to confuse imaginary (iconic) with symbolic (indexical) operations in cybernetic aggregates and physical networks. Media-archaeologically seen, cyber'space' is not about images, sounds or texts, but about bits; thus the cartographic or mnemotechnical approach is misleading. This opens new horizons for search operations in the 'Media Art Net' which will be addressed in this text. [more]more

Text Sections
icon: heading Terminologyicon: heading Mapping as visual metaphoricon: heading Mapping as mathematical topologyicon: heading Digital mappingicon: heading Dynamic operativityicon: heading Heterotopicsicon: heading Maps and diagramsicon: heading Datastreams behind the metaphors