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Visual Summary

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Mythical Bodies II. Cyborg configurations as formations of (self-)creation in the imagination space of technological (re)production (II): The promises of monsters and posthuman anthropomorphisms
icon: authorVerena Kuni

This second part of the essay presents specific views on contemporary media art. Under the heading of «promises of monsters and posthuman anthropomorphisms» Verena Kuni discusses technological myths of creation mirrored by computer generated visions in contemporary art and game culture. [more]more

Text Sections
icon: heading Body projections under posthuman conditionsicon: heading The body as softwareicon: heading Image processing methodsicon: heading Cyborg subjects and their masqueradesicon: heading Cyborg technologiesicon: heading ‹Playing and learning›icon: heading New heroines?icon: heading «Digital drag»icon: heading ‹Making sex›icon: heading De-monstrations of the monstrousicon: heading ‹Rock the Horror Picture Show.›icon: heading The doctrine of the monsters