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Sunshine and Shroud: Cyborg Bodies and the Collective and Personal Self
icon: authorMargaret Morse

Margaret Morse discusses theoretical as well as artistic implications of computer-based embodiments. Starting from a discussion of Donna Haraway's theories and psychoanalytic aspects related to Jacques Lacan she focuses on the terms «propriocentric body» and «collective self.» The following discussion of artistic projects includes works by Chris Marker, Jim Campbell, Lynn Hershman, David Rokeby, Eddo Stern, Anne-Marie Schleiner, Rebecca Bollinger, Jordan Crandall, Warren Sack and Sharon Daniel. [more]more

Text Sections
icon: heading I. Writing Cyborgs: Invoking Monstersicon: heading II. Why Should Our Bodies End at the Skin? Physical and Non-Physical Embodimenticon: heading Weak Links in Cyborg Imaginingicon: heading Embodiment and the Space-in-Betweenicon: heading Chris Marker: «Level Five»icon: heading III. Collective Affinities: Cyborgs in Art and Everyday Lifeicon: heading Generic Symbols: Motion, Individual and Collective: Jim Campbellicon: heading Clones: Multiples, Copies, Individuals: Lynn Hershmanicon: heading Murmurs, Chants and Biopolitics: David Rokebyicon: heading Games Finite and Infinite: Eddo Stern, Anne-Marie Schleinericon: heading Sublime Information: Rebecca Bollinger, Jordan Crandallicon: heading Mapping Cyborg Bodies: Warren Sackicon: heading Access and Subjectification: Sharon Daniel