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Aesthetic Paradigms of Media Art
icon: authorClaudia Giannetti

Text Summary

Good Morning, Mr. Orwell (Paik, Nam June), 1984Cadaqués Canal Local (Muntadas, Antoni), 1974Two-Way-Demo; Send/Receive (Bear, Liza; Sonnier, Keith; Sharp, Willoughby), 1977Electronic Café International (MASA/Casino Container), 1992Piazza virtuale (Ponton/Van Gogh TV), 1992Z (Abad, Antoni), 1999Rara Avis (Kac, Eduardo)Body Scan (Wohlgemuth, Eva), 1997Ping Body (Stelarc), 1996Aaron (Cohen, Harold), 1974Polygonzüge (Nake, Frieder), 1965In Death’s Dream Kingdom (Marino, Iván), 2003Glow Flow (Krueger, Myron), 1969Aaron (Cohen, Harold), 1974