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icon: i I Am Sitting in a Room: for voice on tape :: I don't live here anymore :: I never invite my friends again, I-IV :: I Once Saw a Film with Paul Newman in it :: I Only Wish That I Could Weep :: I Think I Have Lost Myself :: I thought I was seeing convicts :: I will not make any more boring Art :: I-Ching/Et-Ching :: IBM Colour Ribbon :: Ich liebe meine Kamera, weil ich es liebe zu leben :: Identifications :: Identity :: Illiac Suite: Quartet No. 4 for strings :: Illuminated Average #1: Hitchcock's Psycho :: Images of Contact :: Imaginary Landscape No. 1 :: Imaginary Landscape No. 4 :: Imaginary Library :: imaginary soundscapes :: Imaginary Water Sculpture :: Imagine :: Immemory :: Imponderabilia :: Imprecise Details - Not a Model for Big Brother's Spy-Cycle :: Impressing Velocity :: Impression 3 :: Impressions :: Improvisation Technologies :: In Death’s Dream Kingdom :: In meiner Nähe :: In Memoriam George Maciunas :: In Real Time :: In the Circle of Drums :: In the Empire of the Nose :: In the Heat of the Night :: In the Realm of the West Wind World :: In Transit :: Incidental Music :: Incision :: Infermental :: Inflight Lounge: With the video library «Maybe the sky is green and we're just colourblind» :: Ingold Airlines :: insert_coin: Hidden mechanisms and hierarchies in the most free medium of them all :: Inside/Out :: Institute for Media Diseases :: INSULAR Technologies :: Inter-German Fragments :: Interface :: Interiors :: InterMaps :: International City :: Internet infrastructure in the Republic of Korea :: Internet Mapping Project :: Interskin :: Intervals :: Intonarumori :: Intro Act :: Intuition :: Invisible Shape of Things Past :: Invitation to the dance :: Involuntary Reception :: IO_dencies icon: j Jam-Jam Project :: JET SET WILLY ©1984 :: Jollies :: Just what is it that makes today's homes so different, so appealing? icon: k K4 (C3 I) :: Keep Your Chin Up! :: Kennedy Suite :: Kinetic Light Sculpture :: Kinetograph-theater :: Kingdom of Piracy :: Kinoautomat: One Man and his Jury :: Kisses Sweeter than Wine :: Kissing Televisions :: Klone #92 :: Knee Game III :: Koan :: Kontakte :: Kuba-TV :: Kyldex icon: l L'albatros :: La Chambre 1 :: La Jetée :: La plissure du texte :: La Tourette :: La télévision dechiquetée ou l’anti-crétinisation (Jagged Television or Anti-Cretinization) :: Laborers who cannot be payed, remunerated to remain in the interior of carton boxes [more]more

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