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scanned V (Ziegler, Christian), 2001

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«post-human» inasmuch as the artist acts as a mechanical system able to be remote-controlled—ultimately even via the Internet. While the venues of his performances are real, physical, visible spaces, the unity of the human body no longer applies. Using mechanical extensions, Stelarc expands his body and, over a global network of synapses, his nervous system, too: He becomes the agent for the actions of others. Impulses delivered via the Internet are the triggers for a «moving movement»:[70] «I get so tired and irritated when people talk about the Internet as a kind of strategy for escape from their bodies. They say that the Internet is ‹mind to mind› communication. Well! If ‹mind› means this reductive realm of text with a few images thrown in them, that notion of mind for me is a very reductive concept. Mind for me is smell, sight—all these things generate this notion of a mind in the world. It's not a mind that should be talked of separately from the body. We're superimposing old metaphysical yearnings onto new technologies. We have this transcendental urge to escape the body, and we've superimposed this on technology.»[71]


Augmented reality

A discussion of projects tackling the virtualization of the body and its functions and desires would offer material for a separate essay.[72] Around the world any number of contemporary performative approaches are aspiring to link, often with the means of dance choreography, real bodily presence at a given location with strategies of dislocation and mediatization (see, for example, Christian Ziegler's cooperation with dancers in «scanned V»), or experimenting with aspects of telematics and real-time Internet connectivity. Company in Space is one of many multimedia theater or dance groups working at the intersection of the Internet with live events in order to translate our understanding of the notion of «distributed authorship» and «augmented reality» into physical embodiments in real locations.[73] Events focus less and less on the relationship between real and mediated, whereas artistic interest is increasingly concentrating on narration and a wholly new treatment of expanded data space. The deployment of new modular software for real-time telematic

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