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Form Follows Format
Tensions, Museums, Media Technology, and Media Art

icon: authorRudolf Frieling

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Pepsi Pavillon für die Expo '70 (E.A.T. – Experiments in Art and Technology), 1970Homage to New York (Tinguely, Jean), 1960Open Reel (Martinis, Dalibor), 1976Die Fernsehgalerie (Schum, Gerry), 1968Histoire(s) du cinéma (Godard, Jean-Luc), 1988Kassettenkataloge (Bódy, Gábor)The City of Man (Die Stadt des Menschen) (Viola, Bill), 1989Cremaster 1 (Barney, Matthew), 1995Projekt '74: Text des Videokatalogs (Projekt '74), 1974Tempo Liquido (Flüssige Zeit) (Plessi, Fabrizio), 1989Les larmes d'acier (Die Tränen aus Stahl) (Lafontaine, Marie-Jo), 1987Global Groove (Paik, Nam June), 1973TV-Garden (Paik, Nam June), 1974The Exquisite Mechanism of Shivers (Seaman, Bill), 1991Hello? (Oursler, Tony), 1996Anthro-Socio (Nauman, Bruce), 1992Virtual Intelligence Mask (Acconci, Vito), 1993UTV (Unser Fernsehsender) (UTV), 1995Mobile TV (Huyghe, Pierre), 1997Lying around lazy; Not even moving for TV, sweets, Coke, and vaseline (Rehberger, Tobias), 1996Interior Design for Space Showing Videos (Graham, Dan), 1986La plissure du texte (Ascott, Roy), 1983Epreuves d’écriture (Lyotard, Jean-François)VinylVideo (Sengmüller, Gebhard), 1998Soft Cinema (Manovich, Lev), 2002