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Themesicon: navigation pathOverview of Media Articon: navigation pathCommunication
Interaction, Participation, Networking: Art and Telecommunication
icon: authorInke Arns

Text Summary

4'33'' (Cage, John), 1952Imaginary Landscape No. 4 (Cage, John), 195118 Happenings in 6 Parts (Kaprow, Allan), 1959Exposition of Music – Electronic Television (Paik, Nam June), 1963Participation TV (Paik, Nam June), 1963Magnet TV (Paik, Nam June), 1965Live-Taped Video Corridor (Nauman, Bruce), 1970Tapp- und Tastkino (Export, Valie (Höllinger, Waltraud)), 1968Deep Contact; The First Interactive Sexual Fantasy Videodisc (Hershman, Lynn), 1984The Legible City (Shaw, Jeffrey), 1988Die Wand, der Vorhang (Grenze, die) fachsprachlich auch: Lascaux (Weibel, Peter), 1993A-Volve (Sommerer/Mignonneau), 1993Breath (Gabriel, Ulrike), 1992Telematic Dreaming (Sermon, Paul), 1992Between the Words (Hegedüs, Agnes), 1995Hole in Space (Galloway, Kit; Rabinowitz, Sherrie), 1980Radiozeit (Kriesche, Richard), 1988Artsat (Kriesche, Richard), 1991Teleskulptur III (Kriesche, Richard), 1993Telematische Skulptur 4 (Kriesche, Richard), 1995Telematic Dreaming (Sermon, Paul), 1992Die Welt in 24 Stunden (Adrian X, Robert), 1982Two-Way-Demo; Send/Receive (Bear, Liza; Sonnier, Keith; Sharp, Willoughby), 1977The Last Nine Minutes; documenta VI Satellitenübertragung (Davis, Douglas), 1977Talk Out! (Davis, Douglas), 1972Seven Thoughts (Davis, Douglas)Austrian Tapes (Davis, Douglas)Good Morning, Mr. Orwell (Paik, Nam June), 1984Satellite Arts Project (Galloway, Kit; Rabinowitz, Sherrie), 1977Hole in Space (Galloway, Kit; Rabinowitz, Sherrie), 1980Electronic Café (Galloway, Kit; Rabinowitz, Sherrie), 1984Art Com Electronic Network (ACEN) (Loeffler, Carl; Truck, Fred), 1986The Thing (Staehle, Wolfgang), 1991De digitale Stad (DDS) (De digitale Stad (DDS)), 1994Internationale Stadt (Internationale Stadt), 1994Die Welt in 24 Stunden (Adrian X, Robert), 1982La plissure du texte (Ascott, Roy), 1983Hearsay (White, Norman), 1985The First Meeting of the Satie Society (Cage, John), 1985La plissure du texte (Ascott, Roy), 1983Planetary Network and Laboratory Ubiqua (Roy Ascott, Don Foresta, Tom Sherman, Tomaso Trini, Maria Grazia Mattei, Robert Adrian X), 1986Die Welt in 24 Stunden (Adrian X, Robert), 1982Art Com Electronic Network (ACEN) (Loeffler, Carl; Truck, Fred), 1986Bangkok-Projekt (Minus Delta t), 1980Ponton Projekt (Ponton European Media Art Lab)Piazza virtuale (Ponton/Van Gogh TV), 1992Internationale Stadt (Internationale Stadt), 1994Xchange (E-Lab), 1997The World's First Collaborative Sentence (Davis, Douglas)Assoziations-Blaster (Espenschied, Dragan; Freude, Alvar), 1999Muser's Service (Plewe, Daniela Alina), 1994Opus (Raqs Media Collective), 2001Schalten und Walten [Die Amme, Die Amme 2] (Dittmer, Peter), 1992Vectorial Elevation (Lozano-Hemmer, Rafael), 1999Blinkenlights (Chaos Computer Club e.V.), 2001Arcade (Chaos Computer Club e.V.), 2003VEAG-Medienfassade (VEAG), 1999