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Markus Popp
born 1968, in Darmstadt (D); Computer musician. Cofounder of the Laptop Scene founded in the mid-1990s, and mastermind of the so-called Glitch Style. Since the formation Microstoria (with Jan Werner from Mouse on Mars) and Oval (originally with Sebastian Oschatz, today working solo) Pop concentrates on digital, clicking and humming sounds, characteristic sounds the result of calculating mistakes or computer crashes, and he develops an original processing style for handling them, whose repetitive patterns convey depictions of the internal organizational mechanisms of digital systems. Pop sees concepts such as musical intuition and creativity in the Age of System Theory and Digital Calculating as obsolete. He also sees the musician as being the mediator of technological aesthetics; lives in Berlin.
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1. Markus Popp «My music is a model for music» 

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