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Robert Lippok
born 1966 in Berlin. He studied theater. Since his youth, he was active in different formations as a musician and visual artist. In 1983 he co-founded «Ornament und Verbrechen,» a group that existed up into the first half of the 1990s. The group «to rococo rot» was founded in the 1990s together with Ronald Lippok, the brother of Robert Lippok, and Stefan Schneider from Düsseldorf. Since 1996 the group’s releases have appeared on various labels, among others on Kitty-Yo («Untitled,» 1995), City Slang («Music is a Hungry Ghost,» 2001, «The Amateur View,» 1999, «veicolo,» 1997) and Staubgold («Kölner Brett,» 2000). In addition, «to rococo rot» created sound recordings for other artists, such as Olaf Nicolai («30 Colors,» Music for an Exhibition by Olaf Nicolai, Bonn Kunstverein, 2000), Doug Aitken («Music for NEW OCEAN,» A Video Installation by Doug Aitken, Serpentine Gallery, London, 2001) and Takehito Koganezawa («JAPAN MEDIUM LIGHT,» Sounds for «On the Way to the Peak of the Normal» by Takehito Koganezawa, Montevideo, Amsterdam, 2000). Also credited to «to rococo rot» are collaborations on radio plays produced by the network Bayerischen Rundfunk, and composing a new version of Walter Ruttmann’s «Weekend». Lippok stages solo, music performances («Falling into Komeït,» Monika Enterprises, 2004). As a visual artist, his works consistently confront architectural spaces: in this context, he participated in the exhibition «Space to Face» (Westfalen Kunstverein, Münster, 2004), in which audio-concepts developed by 4 different artists for the exhibition space serve as interim projects. Lippok’s solo exhibitions at the Wohnmaschine Gallery took place in 2003 («Field Recordings») and 2001 («Steady»).
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1. Robert Lippok «At best the walls will start to fluctuate and you'll notice the exterior space in the interior» 

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