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John Cage «Variations V»
John Cage, «Variations V», 1965
© John Cage

John Cage | Cover | CoverJohn Cage «Variations V»

Germany | 47' 20" | Director: Arne Arnborn | Photograph: Herve Gloaguen | Sound: John Cage, David Tudor | Participants: John Cage, Gordon Mumma, David Tudor (Sound), Merce Cunningham Dance Company (Choreographie), Nam June Paik (Video), Stan VanDerBeek | Hardware: Billy Klüver, Cecil Coker | Edition / Production: NDR Television, Hamburg | interactive dance performance

 John Cage

b 1912 (Los Angeles, USA)–1992 (New York); doyen of New Music and Acoustic Art; Zen philosopher; early use of tape recorder or radio as sound sources in composition, also worked with random procedures, based on I-Ging, an ancient Chinese book of oracles, and integrated everyday sounds into music.