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Daniela Alina Plewe «Ultima Ratio»
Daniela Alina Plewe, «Ultima Ratio», 1998
© Daniela Alina Plewe
Visitors can use a small sensor to activate options and functions in the images on a circular projection screen fitted above their heads. For example, 'Cascades of Doubt – Struggling Agents' reconstructs the inner monologues of heroes or [more]more


 Daniela Alina Plewe
«Ultima Ratio»

Human paradoxes and dilemmas are presented as logical structures in this VR environment. A system for making decisions derived from research on artificial intelligence assesses question like: should Hamlet kill Claudius . . ., should everyone strive for their own ideals, even if it involves risking their life . . . etc.? Exceptions to the rule make sophisticated formalization possible. The system generates internal monologues for the individuals and shows these in 3D diagrams. The ambivalence of the questions is registered as an image of mental spaces. The pictorial language also makes it possible to go beyond logical functionality visually. Functions like 'argument gone wild', 'courage', 'live wrongly and win' and 'life plans' can be expressed semantically with Ultima Ratio.


Daniela Alina Plewe