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Daniela Alina Plewe «Muser's Service»
Daniela Alina Plewe, «Muser's Service», 1994 – 1996
© Daniela Alina Plewe

Daniela Alina Plewe «Muser's Service»Daniela Alina Plewe «Muser's Service»Daniela Alina Plewe «Muser's Service»Daniela Alina Plewe «Muser's Service»

Categories: Installation | Internet | Text

Keywords: Poetry

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 Daniela Alina Plewe
«Muser's Service»

‘Muser‘s Service' is a programme for daydreaming or musing. Internet users file their associations (in this case linguistic expressions plus attendant references as well as Web addresses) in a database and receive, on demand, chains of associations generated by the system. The user types in the initial term as well as the term which he or she wishes to attain at the end and the preferred methods of association. Those who only wish to provide the vaguest notions for the beginning and end describe merely both poles and a few characteristics. A browser geared to semantic fields then suggests suitable words.
In order to complete an entry, the user reflects on how the route travelled from one idea to the next. Introspection is therefor a prerequisite for this form of ‘computer-aided brainstorming'. ‘Muser‘s Service‘ makes use of all the material collected in order to create artificial connections between thoughts; in this way, new and unusual connections are made which differ from the information put into the computer originally. This results in a feedback of artificial chains of words which stimulate the (m)user‘s speech centres.


Daniela Alina Plewe