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Sommerer/Mignonneau «PICO_SCAN» | PICO_SCAN (installation model)
Sommerer/Mignonneau, «PICO_SCAN», 2000
PICO_SCAN (installation model) | © Sommerer/Mignonneau

Sommerer/Mignonneau «PICO_SCAN»Sommerer/Mignonneau «PICO_SCAN» | PICO_SCAN (installation model)
Edition / Production: Stephen Jones (Interface Design); ATR Media Integration and Communications Research Lab, Tokio (Support)


«PICO_SCAN» is an interactive installation that allows users to measure and capture their users various body data and links them to the creation and evolution of artificial life creatures. The PICO_SCAN system consists of 5 PICO_SCANNER interface device and 5 plasma video screens. When the user picks up the PICO_SCANNER and scans along her body she generates various input data that are specific to her own body characteristics. The collected data information is then used to generate artificial life creatures that can feed on these color values provided by the users video image.