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Marcel Odenbach «Keep Your Chin Up!»
Marcel Odenbach, «Keep Your Chin Up!», 1978
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 Marcel Odenbach
«Keep Your Chin Up!»

13 visual and/or sound sequences that deal by turns with the subject of games and with the politically heated climate surrounding the hunt for terrorists by the German authorities in the autumn of 1977. Recorded unedited, the tape combines an explosive socio-political level with a seemingly trivial presentation in a way which is typical of Marcel Odenbach. This time he presents puzzles a solitary player can grapple with in order to stave off boredom, to 'keep his chin up'. The underground terrorists, no less isolated in their activities, are seen analogously as 'spoilsports': on one side are those who patiently comply with the rules, on the other side those who try to change the game and make new rules.