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Marcel Odenbach «When the Elephant Becomes an Ivory Merchant»
Marcel Odenbach, «When the Elephant Becomes an Ivory Merchant», 1978
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 Marcel Odenbach
«When the Elephant Becomes an Ivory Merchant»

A photo-work dealing with the subject of Germany's autumn of terrorist troubles and the acute phase of activities by the Red Army Fraction (RAF). The central image is a photo released by the RAF of Hanns-Martin Schleyer, the employers' association president whom the terrorist group abducted and later murdered. Marcel Odenbach assembles the visual planes of advertising, newspaper photos and text panels to form a series that critically links technology – video surveillance means – with a competitive climate and terrorism. The quote by Herbert Marcuse reads: 'Technology has been transformed into a powerful instrument of ultra-modern rule – and becomes all the more powerful the more it proves its capability to serve those ruled and the politics of domination.'