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Robert Rauschenberg «Solstice»
Robert Rauschenberg, «Solstice», 1968
Photography | Photograph: Eric Pollitzer, Courtesy Jim Strong | © Robert Rauschenberg
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Robert Rauschenberg «Solstice»Robert Rauschenberg «Solstice»

Works by Robert Rauschenberg:

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4.36*3.04*4.36 m (W*H*D) | Hardware: L. J. Robinson, Per Biorn, Tony Tedona, Ralph Flynn | Archive / Collection: National Museum of Art, Osaka

 Robert Rauschenberg

This reactive installation, conceptually similar to the smaller sculptural works like «Revolver,» was the first of its kind to be exhibited in the context of documenta (1968). The visitor passes through brightly lit sliding doors, made out of plexiglass and covered by prints, and enters the pictorial space literally. At the same time, states Rauschenberg, the installation was a spectacle also for the non-participating audience.