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Robert Rauschenberg «Shades»
Robert Rauschenberg, «Shades», 1964
Photography | Photograph: Sally Ritts | © ;


Categories: Sculpture

Works by Robert Rauschenberg:

Open Score| Revolver| Solstice| Soundings

United States | 37,1*38,4*39,8 cm (W*H*D) | Edition / Production: Universal Limited Art Editions, West Islip, New York | Archive / Collection: Besitz des Künstlers | mixed media installation

 Robert Rauschenberg

Lithograph on six Plexiglass sheets, aluminium frame, electric light
In this static object, the prinicple of images displayed in space, overlayed, is prefiguring later moving and reactive sculptures such as «Revolver» (1967) and «Solstice» (1968).