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Douglas Gordon «10ms-1»
Douglas Gordon, «10ms-1», 1994
Photograph: Ludwig Rauch | © Douglas Gordon

Douglas Gordon «10ms-1»Douglas Gordon «10ms-1»

Categories: Installation

Keywords: Archive | Perception

Works by Douglas Gordon:

24 Hour Psycho| 5 year drive-by

Great Britain | 1 LCD-Projektor, 1 Player, Leinwand. | Archive / Collection: Collection Tate Gallery, London | 1-channel-videoinstallation

 Douglas Gordon

«10ms-1» is a video projection on a large free-standing screen. The video footage is a fragment of a medical film from the First World War documenting the attempts of a psychologically injured man to stand up and walk. In the opening shots he is seen standing behind a screen, then gradually falling to the ground. He is wearing only his underwear and appears, physically, quite healthy and able, his body muscular and apparently fit. In a series of moves which articulate his back, neck and torso he repeatedly attempts to raise himself from the ground, but never succeeds. His healthy physical appearance renders his inability to accomplish the simple task of standing on his feet all the more shocking. Gordon slowed down the film footage and spliced it into an endless loop, locking the injured man into a constant replay of his private struggle with his body.

(source: Tate Britain: