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Jeffrey Shaw «Revolution»
Jeffrey Shaw, «Revolution», 1990
© Jeffrey Shaw

Jeffrey Shaw «Revolution»Jeffrey Shaw «Revolution»Jeffrey Shaw «Revolution»
France | Concept: Jeffrey Shaw, Tjebbe Van Tijen | Software: Gideon May | Hardware: Huib Nelissen, Charly Jungbauer, Bas Bossinade | Archive / Collection: Collection of the Dutch Arts Council, Amsterdam

 Jeffrey Shaw

«In this interactive laserdisk-based work the viewer has to push a protruding stell bar to rotate a columnmounted monitor which in turn animates the images on ist screen. A friction plate forces the viewers to make a strong physical effort. Turning the monitor in one direction, the viewer rotates a virtual millstone and grinds grain into flour. Pushing it in the other direction, he interactively moves through a large number of images that illustrate many of the major social uprisings and revolutions over the last 200 years worldwide. These images—all originally created for ‹An Imaginary Museum of Revolutions (1987–89)—are digitally processed collages made from documentary photographic sources.»

(Source: Jeffrey Shaw—a user’s manual. From Expanded Cinema to Virtual Reality, Anne Marie Duguet/Heinrich Klotz/Peter Weibel (eds.), Ostfildern 1997, pp. 124f.)