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Jeffrey Shaw «Corpocinema»
Jeffrey Shaw, «Corpocinema», 1967
Photograph: Pieter Boersma | © Jeffrey Shaw

 Jeffrey Shaw

«This was an expanded cinema performance presented in a series of open-air performances in Rotterdam and Amsterdam in 1967. The basic structure was a large air-inflated transparent PVC dome onto which film and slides were projected from outside.These projections were made visible by physical events and performed actions that created temporary conditions materializing the projected imagery within and on the surface of the dome. [These events] also caused dramatic transformations and reconstructions of those images. For example, white polythene tubing was inflated until it filled the interior of the dome, thus creating a complex, growing surface on which the image appeared and then the dome was deflated over this tubing. Fire-extinguishing foam was sprayed over teh entire inner surface of the dome, building up an opaque white projection surface. As the foam dripped off the dome, the projected image disintegrated [...].
Some of the films used in the «Corpocinema» were: «Continuous Sound and Image Moments», «Vrig en Onverveerd »(a documentary about the wartime occupation of Holland), «Wasmiddelen Van Nu» (a documentary history of washing powder), «In De Schaduw Van de Mens» (a film about rats), «Duel in Fiet Luchtruim» (a documentary about aircraft dogfights), «De Morgenster» (a film about tramps scavenging through the streets of Amsterdam).»

(source: Jeffrey Shaw – a user’s manual. From Expanded Cinema to Virtual Reality, Anne Marie Duguet/Heinrich Klotz/Peter Weibel (eds.), Ostfildern 1997, pp. 66f.)