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Jeffrey Shaw «Movie Movie»
Jeffrey Shaw, «Movie Movie», 1967
Photography | © Jeffrey Shaw

Jeffrey Shaw «Movie Movie»Jeffrey Shaw «Movie Movie»Jeffrey Shaw «Movie Movie»Jeffrey Shaw «Movie Movie»Jeffrey Shaw «Movie Movie»Jeffrey Shaw «Movie Movie»
Belgium | approx. 900 x 700 cm | Concept: Jeffrey Shaw, Theo Botschuijver, Sean Wellesley-Miller, Tjebbe van Tijen | Music: Musica Elettronica Viva, Rome (I) | Participants: The Overheads (Lightshow) | Edition / Production: Sigma Projects, Amsterdam (NL) | action; interactive environment

 Jeffrey Shaw
«Movie Movie»

«This expanded cinema performance was specifically created for the Experimental Film Festival in Knokke-le-Zoute (Belgium 1997). It took place in the foyer of the festival building, with the audience sitting on the stairs and balcony. Three performers (Jeffrey Shaw, Theo Botschuijver, Sean Wellesley-Miller) dressed in white overalls first brought in the inflatable structure and unrolled it on the floor. Then it was gradually inflated while film slides and liquid-light show effects were projected onto its surface. The architectural form of this inflatable structure was a cone with an outer transparent membrane and an inner white surface. [...] In the intermediate space between transparent and white membrane various material actions were performed to materialize the projected images. This included the inflation of white balloons and tubes, and the injection of smoke.
The intention of this work was to transform the conventional flat cinema projection screen into a three-dimensional kinetic and architectonic space of visualization. The multiple projection surfaces allowed the images to materialize in many layers, and the bodies of the performers and then of the audience (many of whom spontaneously jumped in naked) became part of the cinematic spectacle.[...]
«MovieMovie» was also a complex and innovative acoustic eventstructure. The Musica Elettronica Viva was closeley involved in its scenography, creating an intense and loud density of electronic sounds that were interactively modulated by the musicians via a spatially distributed sound amplification system placed both outside and inside the inflatable structure.»

(source: Jeffrey Shaw – a user’s manual. From Expanded Cinema to Virtual Reality, Anne Marie Duguet/Heinrich Klotz/Peter Weibel (eds.), Ostfildern 1997, pp. 70f.)