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Joseph Beuys «Green Party Land Conference»
Joseph Beuys, «Green Party Land Conference», 1982
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 Joseph Beuys
«Green Party Land Conference»

Beuys was committed to the new 'Green' party from the beginning: he took part in the inaugural party conference in Karlsruhe in 1981 and the subsequent NRW Land conference in Wesel. He appeared with Petra Kelly at Land election campaign events. At the National Party Conference in Hagen on 12.-14.11.1982, where he made the statement that can be seen in the video, he declared his readiness to stand for on the NRW Land list for the Bundestag again, and was accepted as the party's Bundestag candidate for the Dusseldorf North constituency on 21.1.1983, but withdrew his candidature the next day when the Land delegate conference did not place him high on the list. After this he increasingly withdrew from direct work for the 'Greens'. In 1985 he said in an interview: 'I don't want to say anything about what we Greens are doing at the moment, but simply to repeat: I find the concept of politics increasingly impossible.'

Song text:
For we want:
sun not Reagan,
to live without armaments!
Whether East or West,
Missiles must rust!