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Joseph Beuys «and in us ... under us ... flooded»
Joseph Beuys, «and in us ... under us ... flooded», 1965
Photograph: Hanns Sohm | ©

 Joseph Beuys

1921 (Krefeld, D)—1986 (Düsseldorf, D); 1947-54 studied sculpture at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf; as well as producing drawings, three-dimensional objects, spatial installations and actions as part of the international Fluxus movement, Beuys also devoted himself committedly to political campaigns from the 70s onwards; he coined the phrase «Social Sculpture».
Joseph Beuys is, without doubt, the most prominent contemporary German artist. His notion of «expanded art» includes the social, ecological and political role of the artist. With regard to the artistic potential of technical and electronic mass media, however, he remained sceptical.