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Wolf Vostell «Fluxus Train» | Fluxus Train – The Winds or the Media
Wolf Vostell, «Fluxus Train», 1981
Fluxus Train – The Winds or the Media | ©
The fifth environment of the 'Fluxus Train', in which the walls, ceiling, and floor were to be covered with coal (though this was only partially possible), contains an old luxury limousine, model Mercedes Benz 600. A camera mounted in the vehicle [more]more

 Wolf Vostell
«Fluxus Train»

The Vostell Mobile Museum
An Art Train of 7 Environments on Love, Death, and Work

The vital industrial and cultural landscape of North Rhine-Westphalia, with its heterogeneous population, is my dialog partner for this project.
My interest is in composing for a train objects and pictures that could not otherwise be shown together in this connection in a museum. The train consists of 9 containers, designed and executed by myself as 7 environments. The train runs from city to city and can thus be integrated in the respective individual art and culture scenes during its stay. The arrival is marked by a premiere celebration and a press conference. The train is conceived as a living 'art school', where people can exchange their experiences with the artist and contribute their own reflections. In content and form, my artistic themes connected with the train are the world of work and its materials – human alienation –, but also happiness and play. The train is dedicated to the Fluxus group. An opening of the traditional museum, my mobile cultural work.
Wolf Vostell

Between May 1 and Sept. 29, 1981, the 'Fluxus Train' travels as a mobile museum through 16 train stations in cities in North Rhine-Westphalia, with a different accompanying program each time. The train contains 7 environments on love, death, and work.