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Wolf Vostell «YOU» | Psychogram relating to Happening YOU
Wolf Vostell, «YOU», 1964
Psychogram relating to Happening YOU | ©

 Wolf Vostell

The spectacular happening took place on 19 April 1964 in Great Neack, Long Island, on a plot of land owned by Bob und Rett Brown. The audience followed a labyrinthine route through a wooded area to arrive at a swimming pool and tennis court where 30 to 40 performers were involved in extreme situations, some wearing gas masks or throwing smoke bombs. One participant, Al Hansen, wrote: For me, a feeling of evil pervaded the entire piece - somethng ominous, as if I had been saked aout to a concentration camp to see people bullied, and went with the sneaking suspicion that they`d found out I was Jewish'