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Ben Vautier «Sculpture Vivante»
Ben Vautier, «Sculpture Vivante», 1962


Works by Ben Vautier:

Art=Ben| Sculpture Vivante

France | Concept: Vautier, Ben

 Ben Vautier

* 1935 in Naples; in 1949 moves to Nice, after having lived in various places in Italy, Turkey, Egypt and Switzerland. In 1954 Vautier opens up a store for used records which transforms in 1959 into a meeting place for people who are eager to exhibit and to explore ‹new things›. In this period he writes the first manuscript for the later magazine «Ben Dieu.» In 1962, Vautier becomes associated to George Maciunas and a known figure in the context of the Fluxus group. His artistic work is based on manifold and humorous equations of art and life; Vautier lives in Nice.