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 Dan Graham
«Yesterday / Today»

«Yesterday / Today» separates two continuities (image and sound) one from the other in order to reunite them in a new way, displaced in time (yesterday and today). Shown as a direct broadcast on the monitor of a publicly accessible space are the daily events of a neighboring ‹private› space (administration office, director’s room). The monitor’s image is supported by the corresponding acoustic background, but recorded 24 hours in advance at exactly the same time and shown now in playback. Both continuities present the passing of time in the same manner, and can be viewed simultaneously or separately, without excluding how, by chance, image and sound, actions and acoustic ambience, enhance and run in synch with one another. In a simple manner, «Yesterday / Today» crisscrosses two inseparable heavyweights of time—the past and present—and allows an unreal, new dimension to emerge from them.