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PooL Processing «Whose Agents Are We?»
PooL Processing, «Whose Agents Are We?», 1988
© PooL Processing


Categories: Multimedia | Text

Keywords: Participation

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 PooL Processing
«Whose Agents Are We?»

'PooL-Processing makes a swimming pool for living data-flow available in the speechless world if the juxtaposition of various productions/producers/recipients/media (…)
PooL-Processing aims to accelerate public and private discourse and to use deliberate feedback to create a living field for confrontation and taking apart.'
Heiko Idensen/ Matthias Krohn

For their first public project on the theme of collective writing and parallel work, PooL-Processing developed a multimedia database, commenting on the information war in general and the context of the 1st European Media Art Festival in Osnabrück in particular: from text pool to data loop – public access and production mode were reflected in a festival magazine called 'Special Path', which carried a hyper-commentary on the festival events and guests daily.


Rudolf Frieling