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PooL Processing «Imaginary Library»
PooL Processing, «Imaginary Library», 1990
© PooL Processing

 PooL Processing
«Imaginary Library»

'Infiltrating production methods from the field of art into another way of handling communication media is a possible pointer to the way out of the dilemma posed by post-Modern apocalypse theories, and admits a new aesthetic production concept that plays itself out on the surfaces of the new media.'
Heiko Idensen

PooL Processing has been working not only on fragmenting and collaging surfaces and transforming the linearity of the reading process into a non-linear movement, but also on involving a large number of 'authors' in this since the late 80s. The 'Imaginary Library – Journeys into the rhetorical spaces of art-hyper-texts' appeared first in 1990 as an offline data-base, but is now also available in a HTML version. The program makes it possible to feed quotations and literary predecessors into personal thinking and writing processes as basic stock. Associative links trigger another kind of reading, known as 'HyperTextPoetry'.


Rudolf Frieling