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Abramovic, Marina; Ulay «The Lovers – The Great Wall Walk»
Abramovic, Marina; Ulay, «The Lovers – The Great Wall Walk», 1988
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 Abramovic, Marina; Ulay
«The Lovers – The Great Wall Walk»

The earth is small and blue. I am a small crevice in it.
Huang Xiang, 2nd century
Confessions of the Great Wall

From up here, the earth looks small and blue.
Yuri Gagarin, first cosmonaut

Ulay and I end our relations with this project.
The concept is to approach each other from the two ends of the Great Wall of China
He begins in the Gobi Desert and I begin at the Yellow Sea; we meet halfway in between.
We each walked 2000 kilometers to say good-bye.
Duration: 90 days. Last meeting on June 3, 1988.


Abramovic, Marina; Ulay