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David Rokeby «The Giver of Names»
David Rokeby, «The Giver of Names», 1991
Photography | © David Rokeby

David Rokeby «The Giver of Names»David Rokeby «The Giver of Names»David Rokeby «The Giver of Names»

Keywords: Interface | Process

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Canada | interactive installation

 David Rokeby
«The Giver of Names»

The «Giver of Names» is quite simply, a computer system that gives objects names. The installation includes an empty pedestal, a video camera, a computer system and a small video projection. The camera observes the top of the pedestal. The installation space is full of objects of many sorts. The gallery visitor can choose an object or set of objects from those in the space, or anything they might have with them, and place them on the pedestal. When an object is placed on the pedestal, the computer grabs an image. It then performs many levels of image processing (outline analysis, division into separate objects or parts, colour analysis, texture analysis, etc.) These processes are visible on the life-size video projection above the pedestal. In the projection, the objects make the transition from real to imaged to increasingly abstracted as the system tries to make sense of them.