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Internationale Stadt (International City Federation) «International City» | Clubnetz
Internationale Stadt (International City Federation), «International City», 1994 – 1997
Clubnetz | © Internationale Stadt (International City Federation)
1994-95, Handshake operated the legendary 'Clubnetz', consisting of public IRC Chat Terminals in Berliner Clubs bestand. At the turn of the year 1994-95, 'Handshake' was subsumed in the newly founded 'Internationalen Stadt' (International City Federation).


 Internationale Stadt (International City Federation)
«International City»

Internationale Stadt Berlin (International City Federation Berlin – IS) was founded at the end of 1994 as an independent Internet provider with the goal of making it easier for cultural projects to be present in the net. The 7 initiators came from the hacker and media art scenes (for example, Handshake). IS developed easy-to-use tools (for example, enabling 'old' Internet services oriented more toward communication [e-mail, irc, newsgroups] to be integrated in the WWW), also offering reasonably priced Internet access (for up to 300 'residents') and Server space for individual experiments. In the three years of its existence, the IS has develped into a center for artistic activities in the Internet: the majority of the early network projects in Germany were docked here. The infrastructure is financed through commercial projects (Web services).