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Evelyn Teutsch «Foogue»
Evelyn Teutsch, «Foogue», 1996
© Evelyn Teutsch

Evelyn Teutsch «Foogue»Evelyn Teutsch «Foogue»Evelyn Teutsch «Foogue»

Categories: Internet | Text

Keywords: Dialogue


 Evelyn Teutsch

Firstly:: What is all this actually supposed to be?

What is ***FOOGUE***, what is a MOO? ***FOOGUE***

The cultivation of virtual worlds. On the planet ***FOOGUE*** there is a forum, an intersection point where all the ideas and questions thrown up by the new medium can be exchanged. Here occupants have the possibility of acquiring VR experience, commenting on this and working on it artistically, a kind of workshop whose output can be seen on ***FOOGUE***. Questions come up about the meaning and possibilities for the body in cyberspace, or the potential of these Virtual Worlds for the reconstruction of gender, questions about the future of man, about the nature of technology and the crossing of boundaries. The crossing of boundaries has also become the most important aim in the formal field as well during the cultivation process. Building on the story of the origins of the first MOOs as a child of the hacker ethic, I complement mere provision of computer capacity and the possibility of creative development within the MOO code with an attempt to make this world more accessible, to make it easier for Net novices to get started and to break down the knowledge barrier. This aim is to be achieved by browser compatibility, a user-friendly interface and by making the planet visible in 3D (using VRLM), without depriving the world of any depth.


Evelyn Teutsch