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Oskar Fischinger «Entwurf zu »Fantasia«» | Oskar Fischinger at Disneys
Oskar Fischinger, «Entwurf zu »Fantasia«», 1940
Oskar Fischinger at Disneys | Photography | © Oskar Fischinger


Categories: Film | Graphics | Sound

Works by Oskar Fischinger:

Composition in Blue| Sound Ornaments

United States | Concept: Fischinger, Oskar | Director: Algar, James | Music: Johann Sebastian Bach: Toccata & Fuge in d-moll | Archive / Collection: Deutsches Filmmuseum, Frankfurt/Main | 16mm/35mm-film

 Oskar Fischinger
«Entwurf zu »Fantasia«»

Fischinger’s final version of the Bach-episode «Toccata and Fuge in D-minor» [to Walt Disney’s «Fantasia»] depicts a still-preserved (meaning, of course, unchanged) original sequence, namely the scene in which, from right and left, tremendous waves roll toward the audience. His original waves are part of a complex composition containing, among other elements, concentric rhomboids in brown, crimson, and hues of yellow and orange; columns that rise up from circles, diagonal half-moons, and a shaded oval. Whether the right or left waves, these are only the fleeting appearance of a luminous and rounded triangle, spreading like a fan over the image.

(Source: William Moritz, «Oskar Fischinger», in Deutsches Filmuseum Frankfurt am Main, «Optische Poesie. Oskar Fischinger Leben und Werk», Kinematograph Nr. 9, Frankfurt/Main, 1993, p. 56)