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Lygia Clark «Diálogo: Óculos»
Lygia Clark, «Diálogo: Óculos», 1968
© Lygia Clark


Categories: Happening

Keywords: Dialogue | Interaction | Body


 Lygia Clark
«Diálogo: Óculos»

Lygia Clark’s interest in researching human interplay and group-dynamic processes also led to her designing diverse objects that were applied as a means of discourse and communication. The «eyeglasses»—also see «Máscaras sensoriais»—not only help sharpen vision, they produce a new way of seeing. With her low-tech equipment, Clark can be placed in the company of VR perception researchers, the difference being that, even for the viewers, she keeps a secure grip on the sensual aspect.
These ‹glasses› were part of the project «Oculos.»