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Chaos Computer Club e.V. «Chaos Computer Club»
Chaos Computer Club e.V., «Chaos Computer Club», 1981
Cover of the Hacker Bible 1 of the CCC; Der Grüne Zweig 98 © Mali & Werner, c/o Comicwerkstatt Büsch-Beinhorn

Chaos Computer Club e.V. «Chaos Computer Club»Chaos Computer Club e.V. «Chaos Computer Club»

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 Chaos Computer Club e.V.
«Chaos Computer Club»

Using public data, protecting private data.
from the «Hacker's Ethics»

The CCC became known as the mouthpiece of the hacker scene; in more or less spectacular measures, it tested the integrity of EDP systems in the areas of data security and data protection. The CCC concerns itself with technology's effects on society and on individual living beings. It stands up for the human right to worldwide, unimpeded communication. This includes technological progress, the development of corresponding technical aids, the discussion of relevant technical fields, and public demonstrations. The CCC sees itself as a forum for the hacker scene, a body mediating between hackers, system operators, and the public. In specific areas (net censorship, crypto-regulation), this task is increasingly one of a 'client representation' that attempts to wield influence through knowledge.


Rudolf Frieling