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Yvonne Rainer «Carriage Discreteness»
Yvonne Rainer, «Carriage Discreteness», 1966
Photography | Photograph: Peter Moore | ©

Yvonne Rainer «Carriage Discreteness»Yvonne Rainer «Carriage Discreteness»

Categories: Theatre

Keywords: Interaction | Intermedia

New York | United States | Holzfaserplatten, Holzbretter und -latten, Styropor, Mülltonne, Schaumstoff, Film- und Diaprojektion, beleuchteter Stab aus Acrylglas, Schaukel. | Concept: Yvonne Rainer | Participants: Steve Paxton, | Hardware: Carl Andre

 Yvonne Rainer
«Carriage Discreteness»

«In ‹Carriage Discreteness› Yvonne Rainer spread out in a grid on the Armory floor slats slabs, cubes, planks, sheets of different materials like Masonite, wood, and styrofoam beams made by Carl Andre. From a small balcony high on one wall of the Armory, Rainer transmitted instructions to the performers, who wore FM pickups their wrists, telling them to carry objects from one part of the floor to another. Rainer also had preprogrammed events which were set in motion when her piece began. They included film and slide projections, a super ball dropped from the ceiling, a garbage can releasing pieces of foam rubber over the area, a lighted lucite rod travelling high over the performance area. An excerpt of a film with W.C. Fields juggling bricks was shown on a screen that collapsed. At the end of Carriage Discreteness, Steve Paxton launched himself from the balcony on a swing attached to the ceiling, swinging back and forth until he came to a complete halt.»

(source: 9 evenings brochure, E.A.T., New York, 1966)