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Lev Manovich «Soft Cinema» | Exhibition «Future Cinema», ZKM
Lev Manovich, «Soft Cinema», 2002
Exhibition «Future Cinema», ZKM, 2003 | Photograph: Andreas Kratky | © Lev Manovich

Karlsruhe | Germany | computer-generated projection, installation, dimensions variable | Concept: Lev Manovich with Andreas Kratky, ZKM | Music: DJ Spooky | Participants: Christine Bokelmann, Anne Pascual, Marcus Hauer, Ruth M. Lorenz. maaskant Berlin, Jason Danziger, Andreas Angelidakis, Ted Apel, Gloria Sutton, Francesca Ferguson, Rachel Stevens

 Lev Manovich

Lev Manovich was born in Moscow (RUS) where he studied fine arts, architecture and computer science. He moved to New York in 1981, receiving an M.A. in Cognitive Science (NYU, 1988) and a Ph.D. in Visual and Cultural Studies from the University of Rochester (1993). Currrently, Manovich, who has been teaching new media art and theory since 1992, is an Associate Professor in the Visual Arts Department of the University of California at San Diego (USA). He has also been a visiting professor at the California Institute of the Arts, UCLA, the Art Center College of Design, the University of Amsterdam, Stockholm University, and at the University of Art and Design in Helsinki. His publications include The Language of New Media (MIT Press, 2001), Tekstura: Russian Essays on Visual Culture (Chicago University Press, 1993), as well as numerous articles on digital culture and media, which were published internationally. Currently, he is working on a new book, entitled Info-aesthetics . Manovich has been working with computer media as an artist, animator, designer, and programmer since since 1984. His projects include »Little Movies« (1994), the first digital film project designed for the web, the »Freud-Lissitzky Navigator« (1999), a conceptual software for navigating twentieth century history, and »Anna and Andy: a streaming novel | emotional movie engine«, (1999-2000). .