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Works by George Brecht:

Incidental Music


 George Brecht

* 1926 in New York; 1946–1950 studies and Bachelor of Science at the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science; 1950–1965 works as chemic and engineer; 1958–1959 philosophy and cultural science as well as a course on «Experimental Composition,» New School for Social Research, New York; 1959 first Fluxus-actions; 1962–1963 he organizes with Robert Watts the «Yam Festvial» in New York and the surroundings; 1965 moves to Villefranche-sur-Mer near Nice; 1965–1968 runs with Robert Filliou a shop in Ville-franche-sur-Mer, «La cédille qui sourit»; 1968–1969 stay in London; 1970 moves to Dusseldorf and in 1972 to Cologne; lives and works in Cologne.