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Öyvind Fahlström «Kisses Sweeter than Wine»
Öyvind Fahlström, «Kisses Sweeter than Wine», 1966
Photography | Photograph: Peter Moore | ©

New York | United States | Dia-, Film- und TV-Projektion, eine ferngesteuerte Rakete aus Polyester und andere aufwändige Requisiten

 Öyvind Fahlström

* 1928 in Sao Paulo (BR), died in 1976 in Stockholm (SWE). Fahlström is considered to be a «pioneer of an interactive multimedia Art,» a politcal activist, who combines concrete poetry, Concept Art, and Pop Art. In 1939 he travels to Sweden, where he has to stay after the outbreak of World War II. He studies archeology and Art History at the University of Stockholm in the 1950s. In 1953 Fahlström defines language as a material for playful interaction in his «Manifesto for Concrete Poetry.» His construction of relationships involves also visual and sound materials from everyday life, taking various media and exploring their potential for activating the viewer or listener. Since the early 1960s he works on radio compositions and happenings as well as on «variable installations.» In 1961 he moves to New York.