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Douglas Davis «The Last Nine Minutes»
Douglas Davis, «The Last Nine Minutes» Live performance for international satellite telecast, documenta VI, 1977

 Douglas Davis

born 1933 in Washington, D.C. (USA); 1948-1950 studied at the Abbott Art School, Washington, DC; 1952-1956 studied at the American University, Washington, D.C., Bachelor of Arts; 1956-1958 studied at Rutgers State University of New Brunswick, New Jersey, Masters of Arts; 1976-1980 artistic director of the International Network for the Arts in New York; lives and works in New York City (USA).
Following his studies, from 1960 onward Davis was active as an art critic and editor for publications such as Art in America and Newsweek. From 1969, he worked as a painter, and beginning in 1967, created artistic events and performances. From 1970 onward, his works included video tapes and video action pieces. Davis’ works are rooted in Fluxus and Concept Art. He pioneered the artistic use of television and radio broadcasts. With live performances in galleries and museums, and video tapes of action pieces, he instigated dialogues with the viewer before the monitor. The goal of his action pieces is to overcome traditional, one-sided communication practices through personified interactions. Since 1994, Davis uses the Internet for his artistic action pieces.